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              1. Guide
                Italian Caffey Service
                Ningbo intended Caffey, Catering Co., Ltd.


                1, E.KAFFI the WTO shop:
                located in the most prosperous business district of Ningbo, east to Road 29, the ground floor of the World Trade Center, opened on July 8, 2001, occupy the best position of Tianyi shopping district, transport facilities, 500 square meters The shop environment is extremely elegant dark brown and beige rendering simple crisp Rhyme.

                2, E.KAFFI Nanda shop:
                In the drugstores Street No. 218 (opposite the Shaw Theatre) was opened on May 20, 2004, with an area of ??600 square meters, as intended Caffey's latest image of the store, the atmosphere is more elegant, better quality services, Akira is successful people, extraordinary taste.

                4, E.KAFFI Huaqiao shop:
                located in Ningbo, Changchun Road 70 (Howard Johnson hotel next) opened on November 20, 2006, covers an area of ??over 1.2 thousand square meters, up to the third floor has a total size of the box 12, Overseas Chinese shop in terms of store design, unique blend of classic and fashion concept.

                5, E.KAFFI?Caihong shop:Rainbow store means Garfield: located in the ningbo jiangdong rainbow road no. 141, which opened in March 12, 2015, has 11 rooms, indoor environment elegant, is the leisure, the best place to enjoy the food。

                6 E.KAFFI Kaiming shop:
                November 25, 2008 perfect opening, is located in Ningbo City, No. 401, Kaiming Street (peace building opposite), covers an area of ??over 2000 square meters; decoration style with modern European classical European. Business the delicious packages, coffee, tea, cold drinks, and new "teppanyaki" new delicious. Blend of classic and fashion philosophy, in the enjoyment of the classical elegant at the same time, experience the modern Ningbo style, leisure, party, the ideal place to enjoy life.

                7, E.KAFFI the Sanjiang shop:
                Opened on October 12, 2009, located in Nong Xin Building, 35th Floor, No. 181 East Zhongshan Road -36; covers an area of ??about 2000 square meters. Site Business Howe package, provides a good dining environment and meeting place for business customers; "teppanyaki" and added new delicious, while you enjoy delicious packages, with the rotation of the revolving restaurant, the Sanjiang six shore beautiful panoramic view of the the neon flashing Ningbo night scene will unfold before your eyes.

                8, E.KAFFI the Baizhang shop:
                March 30, 2011 Fun opened. Mature business district in Koto Baizhang East Road 729, adjacent to the Lee Mansion, strategic location and convenient transportation. The business area of ??1,200 square meters, with a full European elegant style. Portrait launch the "teppanyaki new delicious.

                9, E.KAFFI Outlets shop
                September 23, 2011. Ningbo Yinzhou District set of disabilities Gangzhen Qiushi 30100 unit on the second floor, No. 555, a total business area of ??1,200 square meters, the store environment elegant and comfortable, it is a good place to rest your shopping, and launched "teppanyaki" series, in while you enjoy delicious, but also enjoy the wonderful automatic piano music, and let your mind and body to relax.

                10,Jiangbei wanda store means Garfield: opened on September 28, 2013, is located in ningbo jiangbei wanda plaza 3 / f.

                12,South pond shop 12. Meaning Garfield: grand opening on September 30, 2015, the address is located in the ningbo south pond street phase ii yinfeng road no. 620-14 C, the store is equipped with six compartments. In-store environment elegant, comfortable, you are a good place for shopping and rest.

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